How it Works

How it works?

Arain Council UK through its Pehchaan Marriage Service (PMS) aims to provide very basic information to parents of candidates. Our objective is to put parents in touch with each other not the candidates!

The process is simple as follow:

  • A parent/guardian registers a ‘Username’ for their candidate at PMS, Here.
  • After registration they can view the list of all the candidates in the register, choose a match from this list and click for the contact details of the selected candidate.
  • At this stage Pehchaan Marriage Service’s central representative details will appear, the rep. will then provides contact details of target candidate’s parent to the seeker’s parent and their role is diminished at this stage.
  • Both candidates’ parents contact each other and take the lead forward by usual way of any arranged marriage.


What is the cost?

A 6 months subscription/registration fee of £15 payable via PayPal/credit/debit card.
You will be requested to pay this amount to our (Arain Council UK) PayPal business account soon after you submit the Registration Form. You don’t need a PayPal account and can use your credit/debit card.
We do not store your credit/debit card information and PayPal is 100% guaranteed to be secure.

After payment, you will be added to the register and will instantly gain access to information about the other PMS candidates looking for a match. These details will typically/only be the candidates username, gender, age, profession, education, local area, and cast.

You may remain on the register for this period so that, as above, other PMS members are able see your candidate as a potential bride or groom.
Please email us if the candidate is engaged/married during this period, or, you wish to leave the register and discontinue using the Pehchaan Marriage Service for any other reasons. Please note that there will be no refunds in any case.

You will automatically be charged and your membership will be renewed every 6 months subsequently, until you wish to continue using the service. If you cancel your memebership the candidates information will not be available to other members any longer.

No refund or part refund of your fee will be provided.

Please see our terms and conditions.

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