Verse fron Sura Al-Hujurat


Who are Arain?

Arain’s are an ancient Muslim tribe and descendants of Arab invaders to the Indian subcontinent. They came from a town called Areeha (Jericho), in Syria with Muhammad Bin Qasim in 92 Hijri (711 AD), they entered India via Debal, Sindh with Muhammad Bin Qasim’s army.

The majority of people used to refer to the tribe as “Arain” “Arayeen” “Araie”"Arain”. However, according to the prominent English Historian J.Wilson. The right word for the tribe is “Raeen”. It is pronounced with a “strong nosel” before the word (tribal customs in sarsa). The sound “R” is only permitted in the Arabian language, whilst in the Urdu, Davanagri, and persian languages “R” sound is only permitted before an “A” sound.

What is the Arain Council UK?
The Arain Council UK is a parent or umbrella organisation bringing all local Arain bodies and branches within the UK onto one platform. The council is a non- profit making and non political organisation and a registered limited company by guarantee.
What is the Arains history or background in Pakistan?
The Arain’s are an agricultural caste settled mainly in the Punjab (Pakistan and in Indian Punjab), with significant numbers also in Sindh (Pakistan). They are chiefly associated with farming, traditionally being small landowners or zamindars. They are generally sunni practicing Muslims and law abiding citizens wherever they live in the world. For a detailed history please click here.
Do Arains only live in Pakistan?
No. The Arain community lives in many parts of the world. They are still one of the biggest communities in Pakistan, they also live in India too.
What are the benefits in joining the Arain Council UK?
The benefits of joining the Arain Council UK are:

  • You will be part of one of the largest social networks of Arain community in the UK;
  • An opportunity to take part in formulating a uniform approach for the welfare of Arains in the UK;
  • Be part of social and cultural activities of the community;
  • Opportunity to promote the ‘Arain’ identity amongst the young Arain generation in the UK;
  • Opportunity to promote a UK wide marriage service linking Arain families across UK and internationally.
What Islam says about supporting a tribal system?
Allah has created mankind with equal rights and he grouped them into families, tribes, communities and casts, only for identification. None is superior to other, except for the degree of piety and righteousness – for which Allah will judge you not your fellow human beings. This divine and eternal principle is laid down by Allah in the Holy Qur’an. Each community has the right to organise itself for:-

  • Expressing its will and desire.
  • Identification of individual / community needs and muster resources to meet the needs.
  • Intra-community harmony, prosperity and welfare of its members.
  • Inter-community productive healthy relations and general wellbeing, and;
  • Contributing to the overall prosperity and welfare of the nation.