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Welcome to Arain Council UK website.

Arain Council UK is the parent organisation bringing all local Arain bodies and branches in the UK on one platform. We are a non profit making and non political organisation and our main objectives are:

  • to foster a social network of Arain community in the UK;
  • to formulate a uniform approach for it’s welfare;
  • to promote social and cultural activities for this community;
  • to promote the ‘Arain’ identity amongst the young Arain generation in the UK;
  • to establish links and co-operation with other international Arain organisations such as ours; and
  • to promote a UK wide marriage service linking Arain families across UK and internationally.
Flood victims in Pakistan

Pakistan Flood Relief Fundraising Campaign

Pakistan’s worst floods have affected more than 20 million people, far more than the Boxing Day Tsunami and Haiti earthquake combined. Arain Council UK has joined hands with ARY News Channel to help those affected by this catastrophe that continues to unravel more than a month after its start. All the proceeds from the forthcoming Pehchaan International Convention will now be donated to this cause.
We look forward to seeing the Arain community in numbers at this convention. In the meantime please donate generously through UK’s Disaster Emergency Committee

International Pehchaan Convention 2010

International Pehchaan Convention 2010

First ever International Pehchaan Convention ‘Pehchaan 2010’ was held in Manchester. The Convention was a great success, on Saturday 18 September 2010 at the prestigious Sheridan Suite, 371 Oldham Road, Manchester, M40 8EA, United Kingdom.    Click Here to read more..

Pehchaan Marriage Service

Pehchaan Marriage Service

We are proud to introduce an exclusive marriage service for the benefit of Arain community across UK.    Let us show you how we work..

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